Cooling Medical Heating


Our company is established in Izmir in 1975 with main production subject as “Medium and High Voltage Electrical Materials and Electrical Panels”.

Our company joined in the sector in 2004 to utilize its experience and background in heating systems and has provided a different alternative in the heating sector by manufacturing electric room heaters. Our products developed after a long R&D study has been certified with the Utility Model Certificate by Turkish Patent Institute.

We started to produce high-quality laboratory and hospital equipments thanks to our thirty years of experience in the electricity industry.

We are growing by adding new products to the product range, expanding our product line, as well as developing our sales and export markets.

In order to sell a product that needs an after-sell service, we are trying to predict our customers' probable problems, minimize user errors with our technology, provide a training for your team that gives a self-technical service chance on your location. 

We know very well the importance of the sales and the distribution and keep going with an awareness that our main mission starts after the sale.  

Company Profile