Cooling Heating Medical


Product Code - Power
1 Hour Average Consumption
Maximum Heatable Area (m² )
Max Length of Heater Core
DTEK01 - 9KW 3 70 5
DTEK02 - 12KW 5 100 8
DTEK03 - 18KW 7 200 16
DTEK04 - 24KW 8 270 22
DTEK05 - 30KW 9 350 28
YTEK01 - 45KW 13 450 36
YTEK02 - 60KW 17 600 48
YTEK03 - 75KW 21 900 60
General Features

It can be only used for the purpose of heating 

* 9 kw, 12 kw, 18 kw,24 kw, 30 kw and 36 kw models are wall mounted models and 45kw,60kw and 75 kw models are for floor mounting. 
* The stylish panel and minimized dimensions that enables the aeshetic appearance. 
* With the digital remote, electronic system the setting of the time and the degree can be easily done. 
* The electronic time adjustment have a capability of enabling four different programmes within 7 days and 1 day. 
* Several safety properties are exists on the device. There is a residual -current relay on the device. 
* Long-life resistance system exists by the usage of special seamless tube. 
* Non combustible silicone cable is being used in the device. 
* Heaters come into play gradually and fastly by accurate electronic system, in this way sudden transactions can not be arised by your voltages and it enables heating within a short time.
* The device operates smoothly. 
* IT is suitabe for every type of heater installations. It can be mounted in the place of your primitive device easily without any special installment 
* IT has a protecting system against high pressure by 3 bars of safety valve 
* It has automatic air relief cock. 
* The water level can be followed by steam pressure gauge. 
* It has 3 fractional circulation pumps in floor mounted models. 
* It has the feature of working by each 24 hours for preventing the binding of the pump. 
* It has a blocking system adjusted to 1 bar against being dehydrating 
* The heat change can be seen on the display by sensitive heating sensor. 
* The safety precaution has been achieved by the safety thermostat against abnormal warm-ups. 
* It has the certification of CE. 
* The information must be given if the device is going to be used for floor heating system. 
*The floor heating system in completely electronic systems can be achieved only by mixing valves. Please advise to your plumber. It is suitable to RF system (Radio Frequency)